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Best Practices for Moving Your Clients to Gusto

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What is a health insurance broker?

Getting clients onto Gusto is an easy and intuitive process. But we’re here to help if you need to move clients very quickly or have a lot of data to enter from a previous payroll provider. This guide is designed to give you everything you need to move your clients to Gusto.

If you find yourself getting stuck you at any point, you can always reach out to your Partner Advisor at [email protected].

Should I onboard myself or use Gusto’s free onboarding service?

Gusto offers two ways to set up your clients:

  1. You or your client can self onboard by entering employee and company data into Gusto. We have a step-by-step guide that makes it easy.
  2. Or you can rely on our free, white glove onboarding service to have Gusto’s internal team of payroll experts enter and verify data on your behalf.

Use the checklist below to decide which option makes more sense.

Self OnboardingGusto Onboarding Service
Client is running payroll for the first time
RequiredNot available
Client needs to run payroll within 9 business days or lessRequired – When using self onboarding, you can run payroll for your client as quickly as today.Not available – Gusto’s white glove onboarding takes an average of 10 business days to complete. We move your clients between pay cycles.
Client has more than 15 employee’s on the payrollAvailableRecommended – For more than 15 employees, we recommend using Gusto’s free onboarding service.

How to add a client yourself:

Self onboarding is the quickest way to run payroll. Follow the simple steps below to set up a new client:

  1. Add the new company to your dashboard for payroll
  2. Collect the required information from your clients
  3. Complete the in-app onboarding process

How to use Gusto’s free onboarding service:

The Gusto onboarding team takes all the hassle out of migrating your clients’ data. Follow the simple steps below to get a client set up:

  1. Add the new company to your dashboard for payroll
  2. Schedule the onboarding request by emailing your account manager at [email protected].
    • We recommend that you send the request four weeks before the clients’ first payroll run date to ensure we’ll have the client onboarded in time.
  3. Complete the in-app onboarding checklist
  4. Our onboarding team will transfers all your clients’ information from the previous payroll provider

Pro Tip: You can onboard your clients in advance of your desired payroll run date. We won’t start the clock on your free trial until you run your first payroll. For example, you can enter all the required information in early November for a January 1st payroll run without incurring any costs.


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