Streamline Your Accounting Workflow: Discover More Ways Gusto Pro Eliminates Time-Consuming Tasks

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Every minute of the day is precious for busy accountants. That is why we, at Gusto, focus our development efforts on designing and releasing efficiency-driven features to help you crush your dreaded busy work so you can spend more time where you are needed the most—supporting and advising clients.

One click to see all clients’ tickets in one place

Almost half of Gusto’s 14K+ accountant partners create tickets on behalf of their clients. In the past, accountant partners had no easy way to keep track of those tickets and sometimes felt left in the dark. If you are one of those partners, check out our new ticket manager feature accessible from the Help left navigation. You can now see tickets created for all your clients, across all Gusto products (e.g. payroll, taxes, benefits, and more!) right in Gusto Pro. Everything you need to know about a ticket—including subject, reference number, submission date, and current status—is displayed side by side. 

What’s more? A detailed view of each ticket status is now just a click away.

Prioritizing your day starts with the consolidated task list

If you support multiple clients it may be challenging to prioritize your tasks. After all, logging into each client’s Gusto account in order to review their individual task lists can be time-consuming—and frustrating. That’s why we built the consolidated task list in Gusto Pro; now, you can say goodbye to missing critical client tasks that need your immediate attention (like blocked payrolls, for instance).

Not only will you be able to see all your clients’ tasks right when you log in, you can also quickly view the number of clients who have the same task and sort the list by priority or due date. And, there’s more: you can now click on a task and be directly taken to the right place to take action. 

Streamline the add client experience with default billing

Currently, Client-billed with revenue sharing is the default billing option when you add a new client to Gusto. If you prefer another billing option you have to remember to change it (among all the additional important information you have to get right when adding a new client). To provide you with greater flexibility and control over billing preferences, we launched the default billing feature. Now, the Firm Admins can change the existing billing default during the Add Client => Choose billing step, or the Firm members can change it by clicking on the Billing => Settings on the billing page.

At Gusto, we are committed to supporting our accountant partners in delivering value to clients while minimizing accounting firms’ overhead. That’s why we continually research and explore new ways to accelerate your workflow in Gusto. 

We’re excited about our future product roadmap; you can check out these convenient features by logging into your Gusto Pro now. 

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