Gusto Partners: Add More Clients, Earn a Bonus

Gusto Editors

We’ve got some exciting news to make the best time to switch payroll even easier. 

Promotion details:

From November 1 through January 31st, you can earn $1,500 when you add at least five clients with three or more employees each. Plus, get $300 for each new client that picks our Concierge plan, up to $1,500 extra.

If all five clients sign up with Concierge, that’s $3,000!

Save time and earn faster with Free Payroll Setup!

Love our promo? Use Gusto’s Free Payroll Setup for it! Our team of experts ensures client data is transferred seamlessly and accurately so you’re ready for the next payday. We’ll manage the details of switching your client to Gusto, winning you back hours of billable time. Best of all, our payroll experts set up your clients free of charge. No charge to you, no charge to them. Email us at [email protected] to start moving your clients over and earning a few extra bucks.

Not a Gusto Partner, or have questions about the promotion?

Reach out to us at [email protected]

*Not-so-fine print

To be eligible, your clients must run their first payroll between Nov 1, 2019 and Jan 31, 2020. See full terms at

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