In the ever-changing landscape of accounting, the Gusto Partner Advisory Council (GPAC) is a beacon of innovation. Today, we proudly introduce twelve new members to this exclusive community. GPAC serves as a dynamic platform where accounting professionals embark on a two-year partnership with Gusto, providing real-time feedback that shapes Gusto’s future

This partnership offers a unique opportunity to build relationships and drive innovation in the accounting profession. These members, true champions of the profession, are dedicated to challenging conventions and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. They embody a community mindset that fosters collaboration and innovation, setting the course for transformative progress in accounting. 

Let’s meet our new GPAC members as they shape the future of the accounting profession.

Adam Slack

Adam Slack headshot

Adam is the founder of Two Roads and resides in Knoxville, TN, with his wife and four children. He did not set out to create what he built, but he loves serving clients and helping them succeed. He wanted to join GPAC because he believes in deep vendor relationships, and he feels Gusto is essential to what they offer to their clients.

Annie Carlon

Anne Carlon headshot

Annie lives outside Denver, CO, with her husband and four kids. She is currently a partner at Acru Solutions, offering outsourced accounting support. Annie is passionate about helping people start new businesses and helping them scale using tools like Gusto. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to see behind the curtain at Gusto and get to know the other GPAC members.

David Kugler

David Kugler headshot

David is the director at Newton Street CPA in Denver, CO. Throughout his HR career, he has used many different payroll/HRIS tools, and Gusto’s platform has been by far the most user-friendly in terms of training, support, and actual usability. The Gusto Team has always been receptive to suggestions and feedback on enhancing the product offerings when he would submit them to their Partner Advisor through the “Submit an idea” function during product testing or surveys. He is incredibly excited to become more involved in shaping Gusto’s company and product growth as a GPAC Member!

Jeff Wilson II

Jeff Wilson II headshot

Jeff is the principal at The W2 Group in Upper Marlboro, MD. He is a CPA, Entrepreneur, Strategist, and Student of business. He has not seen a 10K, which he did not want to dive deep into. He is only half a nerd. He is a cool guy, so his moniker is “CoolestCPA.” Jeff is happy to be a member of the GPAC because it allows him to better understand the client’s needs for his industry by working with great thinkers in the accounting profession and impacting the products serving his clients. He believes the greatest way he can impact his clients is by ensuring that the tools and systems he implements on their behalf meet their business needs. 

Jill Jacobs

Jill Jacobs headshot

Jill is the founder of Jill Jacobs Bookkeeping, located in Lincoln, NE. She loves helping small business owners in her community excel. She is excited to be a member of GPAC because this adds to the list of resources she can use to help small businesses grow and flourish. Entrepreneurship is a lonely world sometimes, and being a part of something bigger won’t only help her, it will help her entire community!

Joe Carufe

Joe Carufe headshot

Joe is the co-founder of a cloud firm, Good Measure Financial, in Knoxville, TN, and Fractional Executive/Advisor to Karbon. He has been a long-time and grateful Gusto customer and sees firsthand the efficiency brought to business owners and employees. Joe is excited to challenge Gusto to be even better!

Julie Herres

Julie Herres headshot

Meet Julie Herres, EA, the passionate founder and CEO of Greenoak Accounting in Manassas, Virginia, VA. Her firm is dedicated to helping private practice therapists, psychologists, and counselors achieve financial success, located in Bristow, VA. Julie is an accountant, speaker, author of Profit First for Therapists, and host of the Therapy For Your Money podcast. She is thrilled to be a GPAC member and eager to contribute her voice to shape the future of payroll. Having recommended Gusto as her preferred payroll solution for years, Julie values its user-friendliness and customer-centered approach, believing there’s always room for improvement in improving payroll.

Ramona Cedeno

Ramona Cedeno

Ramona is the founder and CEO of FiBrick in Dobbs Ferry, NY. Her mission is to help startup and small business owners leverage their companies to achieve their personal and professional goals. Her contribution to their journey comes in the form of her expertise in finance, entrepreneurship, and building connections. Being a member of GPAC will support her mission and goals. 

Roman Villard

Roman Villard headshot

Roman is the founder of Full Send Finance based in Boulder, CO. A part of his ethos is living a full-send life that provides immense professional and personal fulfillment. Roman is thrilled to support Gusto to further the mission of creating a world where work empowers a better life.

Sagar Shah

Sagar Shah headshot

Sagar is a senior manager at BDO USA located in Rosemont, IL. He has over 15 years of public accounting experience with accounting, tax, audits, and technology implementations for various entrepreneurial clients in different industries. Sagar wants to gain valuable experience from the leaders at Gusto and his council peers. He believes GPAC will help him grow personally and professionally and is eager to learn as much as possible from those around him.

Sarah Prevost

Sarah Prevost headshot

Founder of Mintage Labs™ in Portland, OR, co-founder of The Proper Trust LLC, Accountants Law Lab, and Create Collaborate (CoLab), and host of the Accountants Law Pod podcast. With over 20 years in operational and accounting services, working exclusively with attorneys and law firms, Sarah enjoys making things streamlined. She is excited to be a GPAC member because she has worked with Gusto forever! It is her go-to. She loves the employees and that their values align! 

Susan Pruskin

Susan Pruskin headshot

Susan is the founder of Brilliant Numbers based in Cary, NC. Her firm is celebrating its 15th anniversary. The heart of their service is the relationship with business owners who need experts to manage their financial data. They take care of their numbers so they can take care of their growth and success. Being a part of the GPAC is an honor. Susan is delighted to have the opportunity to share her opinions and advice on this payroll process. She is looking forward to receiving inspiration for her firm and clients. She says her life has changed since she started using Gusto (Zen!). Payroll is easier and less stressful.

AnneSophie Brochet AnneSophie Brochet is the Events and Community Lead at Gusto. She is passionate about building and nurturing communities and curating exceptional VIP experiences. Her main focus is to empower the community by amplifying their voices and allowing them to actively contribute to shaping the future of Gusto. Before joining Gusto, she led the brand ambassador program and advisory council at SoFi. She lives with her husband and two sons in San Francisco, CA.
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