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Client Testimonial: BNA CPA and Bleu Barn Bistro

Ligia Ishida Partner Marketer, Gusto 
bleu barn

Bleu Barn Bistro began in 2014 as the love child of chefs Tara and Brenton Ebersold. The husband-and-wife duo always enjoyed Charlotte’s seasonal and fresh food, so they decided to open a food truck to serve delicious dishes prepared with local ingredients.

Introduce your clients to payroll they’ll actually love.

Bleu Barn quickly matured, and so did their business needs. Running payroll for their employees was becoming a complex and time-consuming process. Tara and Brenton realized that they didn’t want to waste any more time with manual tasks typically associated with payroll—time that could be spent on other aspects of growing their business.

That’s when they found the team at BNA CPAs & Advisors, a Gusto partner since 2014 with several clients on our platform. For BNA, running payroll for clients on Gusto is so fast and easy, freeing them up to provide more strategic business advice to entrepreneurs like Tara and Brenton. 

Watch the video below to learn how BNA and Gusto made Bleu Barn’s payroll that much easier, allowing Tara and Brenton to focus on what they really care about: serving great food.

Updated: November 9, 2020

Ligia Ishida
Ligia Ishida Ligia Ishida is a product marketing manager lead for Gusto's partner channel.


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