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Announcing Cobranding #withGusto!

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gusto partners cobranding

To strengthen our partnership in helping your small business clients with payroll and HR, we’re excited to announce the ability to cobrand your materials with Gusto’s logo!

Your logo and brand will show up in 4 places:

In the application

Your logo will appear alongside the Gusto logo in the top left corner of the app. Your logo will be on every screen within Gusto and visible to all clients.

Gusto partner dashboard

In reports

Similar to the in-app experience, your logo will appear at the top of reports, such as the payroll journal report below.

Gusto cobranded report

On the Gusto invoice

Your logo will appear on the invoice header and if you pass along a volume discount, your firm name will appear next to the discount amount in the invoice.

gusto cobranded invoice

In the Gusto invoice email

Similarly, your firm name will also appear next to the discount amount in the invoice email to your clients.

For more information on in-app cobranding and how to get started, please reference this help center article.

Updated: November 9, 2020


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