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Gusto Launches a New(er) Kind of HR

“The hat is no longer about prestige; it is about looking cool, about looking now.” — Stephen Jones, a London-based milliner, in “Hats: ‘The New Tattoo’”

Last year, we announced that we’d built a new kind of HR — but that’s old hat. This year, we’re brimming with even more ideas. HR isn’t just about human resources, human relationships, or any other combination thereof. The “H” and the “R” have been sorely misrepresented for centuries, and we realized that we needed to flip that around. Say hello to the future of Gusto, the future of HR, and the future of that beautiful, empty spot right above your head.

Say hello to Hat Recommendations.

At Gusto, our mission has always been to create a world where work empowers a better life better hats. We quickly realized that hats were a core part of our vision that we had never fully unfolded before. When you think about it, hats are all about openness, expression, and sometimes, pure height. Yes, “we are all builders” here at Gusto. But when it comes down to it, we are also all hat wearers.

“When we talked to our customers, we heard again and again that HR people wear a lot of different hats,” said Tomer London, co-founder and Hat of Product at Gusto. “That’s why we decided to use the latest AI and VR technology to really deliver all those different hats. Now, we can provide people with the tailored recommendations they need. At the drop of a hat.”

Today, we’re excited to release a limited beta for your hat-wearing enjoyment. 

Hats off to the team for creating this new, highly-anticipated feature!