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Y Combinator Companies You Can Use in Your Small Business

David Cheng Former Head of Content, Gusto 

Last week was the demo day for Y Combinator’s summer 2014 class. As a YC Winter 2012 alum, we’re big fans of the incubator and the great companies that come out of it, including Dropbox, Airbnb, and Twitch.

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Since our customers are modern entrepreneurs and always looking for the latest technology tools, we want to highlight a few companies in the last batch that can make your work life easier, simpler, and more productive.

Local Lift

Local Lift: Do you have a small business that could use a small financing boost to upgrade your facility or purchase that piece of new equipment? Use Local Lift and get your customers to crowdfund it! Customers love it because they support a local business they love and it gives small businesses a new financing option.


Checkr: Checkr performs automated background checks for your business. Since it launched in April, it’s signed up customers in the on-demand space including Shyp, Instacart, and DoorDash. A simple background check is only $25, with slightly pricier options to do a deeper dive.


Weave: At a busy conference and want to network with your peers? Weave can help amplify your professional networking through its mobile app. Like popular dating apps, you can anonymously like or pass on professionals in your area. If you both “like” each other, Weave will make the introduction.


Zen99: Do you hire contractors? Are you a contractor yourself? Zen99 provides 100% free contractor tools so you can track your income and estimate taxes. The company can provide these tools for free because it also offers insurance options (from which it receives a commission) for its contractors.


Roost: Does your content site need help with retention? Try Roost. Roost is a browser plug-in that pushes notifications. They estimate push notification gets a 30x increase in engagement over email reminders.


BillForward: If your company uses subscription billing, consider using BillForward. BillForward is a flexible subscription billing platform custom-built for the subscription economy. The first $10,000 per month is always free.


ShipBob: Got an item that needs shipping and no time? Use ShipBob and a Ship Captain will come to your office to pick up the item. They’ll package it and ship it with the cheapest (or preferred) shipping option, all for $5 per package.


Impraise: Impraise is a mobile-first fitness tracker for your professional life. This handy tool lets you get real-time feedback and recognition for your hard work.


PersistIQ: Do you want to email your tens of thousands of contacts in a smart, comprehensive campaign? Try PersistIQ’s drip campaign platform. PersistIQ automatically cleans your lead list and helps you build a smart drip campaign so you can turn cold leads into customers.


Front: Are your shared inboxes for [email protected], [email protected], etc. overwhelming? Front allows team members who share inboxes to smartly collaborate. Customers using Front include KISSmetrics and Posthaven.


ProductHunt: Do you want a list like this, but every day? ProductHunt surfaces the best products on the web, curated by professionals like you.


Naytev: Is your content going viral on Twitter? Naytev helps you track which pieces are going viral and which influencers are driving engagement so you can optimize your content for better social sharing.

And of course, we’re here building software to help you with payroll, benefits, and HR!

Updated: January 5, 2021


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