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PPP Round 2 Lenders: Who is Participating in the New PPP?

Gusto Editors  

Applications for PPP will close on May 31, 2020, but some experts say funding may run out mid-April, so make sure you understand how to access a loan now.

To access a list of lenders, keep reading.

The following lenders are Gusto partners (for the full list of lenders, click on the link directly above):

Lender TypeLender
Community lenderACAP / The Loan Source
Community lenderBlue Ridge Bank
Community lenderCustomers Bank
FintechFunding Circle
Community lenderOpportunity Fund

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Updated: April 2, 2021


  • Saliou Diallo

    The Banking institution my company uses did not decide if they will participate in this second round, can we use a bank we do not do business with at the moment?

    • Gusto Editors

      Hi Saliou — yes, you should be able to use a new lender for the second round. However, since your current lender already has your information on file, applying through them (should they choose to partake) would be your best route.


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