Remote Work Stabilizing With One-Third of New Hires in Knowledge Industries Now Fully Remote

Tom BowenEconomist

Data from the Gusto Remote Work Data Tracker indicates that the share of remote workers has been relatively stable at around 16% since March of last year. The number of new hires on Gusto indicated by their employer as fully remote remains significantly above pre-pandemic levels and even well above the levels seen throughout most of 2020 and 2021.  

Knowledge-based industries tend to have the highest share of remote workers. The share of new hires in knowledge-based industries indicated as remote by their employers reached a peak of nearly 37% in March 2022 and has stabilized around 34% as of March 2023. 

New Hire Remote Work Share in Knowledge Industries Stabilizes After 2 Years of Accelerated Growth.  

New Hire Remote Work Share in Knowledge-Based Industries Outpaced Overall Remote Work Share in March. 

In March 2023 the share of remote hires in knowledge-based industries ranged from 24.7% in the Finance Industry to 46.0% in the Technology Industry.

Additionally, in nearly all knowledge-based industries the share of remote hires is greater than the current share of remote employees. In professional services, the share of remote hires lagged slightly below the current share of remote workers. This trend indicates remote work is unlikely to decrease in 2023. There is still a significant supply of remote jobs as companies look to expand the geographic boundaries of talent acquisition and job seekers continue to demand remote work. 

In fact, as companies and employees continue to adapt to remote work we are likely to see the share of remote workers continue to increase through 2023, albeit at a slower pace than we saw in 2020 and 2021. 

New hire remote work share March 2023 Overall remote work share March 2023 
Technology 46.0%40.2%
Communications 42.0%34.4%
Professional Services 26.1%28.8%
Finance 24.7%23.4%

Remote Work Not Just for Knowledge Workers. 

Knowledge-based industries are often more amenable to remote work arrangements. However, a number of workers outside traditional desk-based industries work remotely. Last month on Gusto 9.6% of new hires were indicated as remote in the Construction sector and 8.3% of new hires were indicated as remote in the Healthcare sector. Similarly to knowledge industries, this is far above pre-pandemic levels but slightly below the 2022 peak. 

New Hire Remote Work Share in Healthcare and Construction Industries. 

Tom Bowen is an Economist at Gusto, researching work and business trends in the modern economy. He received his Master’s of Economics from UC Santa Cruz. Tom currently lives in San Francisco, CA.
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