Gusto Letter to California Legislators Urges Support for State Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Gusto Editors

On March 31, 2021, Gusto sent a letter to California State Senator Mike McGuire and members of the California State Senate Governance and Finance Committee urging support for SB 553. SB 553, authored by California State Senator Limón, would create a state work opportunity tax credit (WOTC) in California. The California WOTC would mirror the federal program and incentivize employers to hire people that are typically overlooked for employment, including veterans, long-term unemployed, those with criminal records, and SNAP recipients. The letter highlights the benefits of WOTC programs for small business owners and for traditionally underserved and marginalized groups.

Read the full letter here:

SB 553 Support Letter -1 of 2
SB 553 Support Letter – 1 of 2
SB 553 Support Letter -2 of 2
SB 553 Support Letter – 2 of 2
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