Raise the minimum wage?!

Framing the debate for workers and small businesses.

If there’s one thing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump agree on, it’s that the federal minimum wage should go up. Trump thinks it should be $10 and Clinton wants $12, but data show it’s more complicated than picking a single number.

Minimum Wage $7.25
Trump’s Plan $10
Obama’s Plan $10.10
Clinton’s Plan $12

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Sources Current minimum wage data: National Conference of State Legislatures
2015 Living wage data: Amy Glasmeier/MIT
2016 small business payroll data: Culled from the 40,000 small businesses who use Gusto for payroll. Unless otherwise noted, the margin of error is plus or minus 5 percent with 95% confidence
*The sample size for this place is a little too small to be statistically significant.

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