HR Roundtable

Future of Work: Hybrid and Remote Workforce Trends and How Leaders Can Empower Their Employees Today

The world of work is changing in real-time. Hybrid and remote work are here to stay as workers are increasingly prioritizing autonomy and flexibility from their employers. HR leaders have an important role in guiding companies to meet this moment in order to attract and retain talent into the future. 

In this program, Liz Wilke, Gusto’s Principal Economist, will discuss the biggest hybrid and remote workforce trends. She will be joined by Adriana Vázquez, Director of Operations at MOD, and Joshua Albrechtsen, President and Technical Co-founder of Cortex, to talk about their own experiences managing a distributed workforce as well as the tools and strategies they’ve implemented.

Clipart of a person holding a laptop with the word Webinar on it, gusto's logo and Tuesday, April 26th, 11am PST, 2pm EST on it.

What you’ll learn

Join us for a conversation about the new world of work, and get tools to help your team and business thrive.

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Modern workforce trends impacting talent strategy

Why it matters

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The business case for hybrid and remote work


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Tools and services to help you succeed in building modern workplaces

Meet Liz, Adriana & Josh

Our upcoming live session will feature insights from guest speakers Liz Wilke, Adriana Vázquez, and Josh Albrechtsen.

Liz Wilke, Principal Economist, Gusto

Liz Wilke is a Principal Economist at Gusto, researching the state of work and business in the modern economy. She is a veteran of both the technology and government sectors, where she directed research programs and public spending that supports dynamic, resilient companies and workers across the globe.


Adriana Vázquez, Director of Operations, MOD

Adriana Vázquez is the Director of Operations at MOD, a marketing agency focused on storytelling, in-depth strategy and consulting, and video production. She has overseen MOD’s business and operations strategy for the past four years. Prior to MOD, Adriana worked in fashion and retail at Neiman Marcus, INTERMIX, and Fossil Group, leading sales management, inventory, event planning and coordination. She has a Bachelor’s in Fashion Merchandising and M.B.A in Marketing and International Business from Drexel University.


Josh Albrechtsen, President and Co-Founder, Cortex Health

Joshua Albrechtsen is the President and Technical Co-founder of Cortex, a healthcare coordination and collaboration company. He is responsible for company strategy, product development, and managed services, which includes over 900 RN contractors who do follow-up calls to patients. Before Cortex, Josh was a Nursing Home Administrator with the Ensign Group and maintains his license as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator. Previous to Ensign, he worked at Entrata, a multi-family software company, for over five years in executive product and services roles. He has a BS in Management Information Systems from BYU and is currently pursuing an Executive MBA from MIT.