Gusto’s most recent survey of new businesses saw a swing in benefits offered to employees.

In 2021, new businesses focused on offering flexible work schedules as pandemic disruptions and restrictions kept many workers at home.

An infographic showing Businesses started in 2021 offered flexible work schedules more so than health insurance
An infographic that shows in 2022, health insurance overtook flexible work schedules as most popular benefits offering by new businesses

As the pandemic eased in 2022, and many businesses asked or required employees to return to the office, flexible work arrangements were offered slightly less by new businesses. Despite the pullback, 60 percent of new businesses offered flexible work in 2022, showing that it’s still seriously considered by most entrepreneurs as an essential benefit.  

In contrast, more new businesses offered health insurance to their employees, growing from 59 percent in 2021 to 71 percent in 2022.

Get more insights on new businesses started in 2022 by reading Gusto’s full report of the survey findings.

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