Employee productivity tracking for smarter teams.

With Gusto’s employee productivity tracking, you can nurture the best parts of your team’s performance, while encouraging improvement where they’re not meeting expectations. And with performance management integrated into an all-in-one HR software like Gusto, management is easier than ever.

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Gusto helps your team work smarter.

Streamline management by integrating productivity tracking with Gusto’s suite of tools for the entire employee lifecycle—from hiring to performance management.

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Empower your team to thrive.

Your employees will love using our team-friendly tools, having the ability to access their own data, and receiving feedback on how to improve their performance.

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Gusto does it so you don’t have to.

Gusto automates tedious management tasks like sending reminders before employee reports are due and guiding your team through complicated paperwork and taxes.


85% of businesses surveyed say Gusto is easy for their employees to use.*


Businesses save over $2,300 a year running Payroll & HR administration after switching from Intuit (QuickBooks) to Gusto.**


Ranked Best overall payroll software for small business users by Fit Small Business

All in one

Elevate efficiency at every level.

By monitoring productivity on an all-in-one HR platform encompassing payroll, benefits, and more, Gusto consolidates your HR workflow and saves valuable time and effort, from the top of your business to the bottom. Productivity tracking features allow managers to gain detailed insights into employees’ performance, as well as showing the big picture by taking into account time tracking, payroll data, and more.

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Team empowerment

Engage, motivate, and inspire your team.

Optimize productivity across your organization with a healthy dose of positive reinforcement. Gusto’s advanced productivity monitoring helps identify areas for improvement, fostering a more efficient workforce, keeping top performers engaged, and boosting your retention rate. Our team-friendly, easy-to-use platform helps employees save time and feel valued by managing their own tasks like uploading tax forms and setting up retirement plans.

Dedicated support

Let Gusto help you with that.

With Gusto, you have a friendly team by your side, ready to answer questions, offer advice, and put out fires. Plus, your employees can also contact Gusto directly. If they have questions, our support team is standing by via phone, chat, or email. We even offer free access to the many 24-hour resources we provide, like the Help Center, Talk Shop Blog, and How-To Guides. It’s like giving your employees a helpful assistant!

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Time off

Time off shouldn’t be stressful.

Sometimes, managing your employees’ time off can make you need some time off yourself. Gusto makes it easier. You can customize your PTO policies to fit your team’s needs, then run reports with a click of a button. Employees can easily submit vacation and sick days for approval, or managers can submit time off on their behalf. It all syncs to calendars and payroll automatically, and you can track changes at a glance.

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