Your employees will love our payroll

Easy employee onboarding

New employees can sign into Gusto and fill out their info online. It’s simple. Say goodbye to W-4s, address changes and all that employee payroll paperwork.

  • Automatic new hire reporting

    We’ll report new hires to the government for you. Spend the time you save distributing high-fives.

  • Employee accounts

    Employees can fill out their personal details, saving you from manual data entry and time-consuming typos.

Make payday a celebration 🎉

Your employees have never been paid like this before. Paystubs include colorful charts, fun facts and you can add a personal note.

  • Leave a personal note

    You can add a note to each employee’s paystub to explain a reimbursement or say a heartfelt thank you.

  • Easy gifts to charity

    Our payroll lets employees contribute to nonprofit organizations directly from their paycheck. Giving has never been so simple.

  • Birthday reminder

    We'll remind you of employee birthdays and work anniversaries. Your team will be very impressed.

Make payday a celebration. Get direct deposit, unlimited payroll runs, and automated tax filing.
Net pay Federal taxes State taxes $1,603.58 $681.00 $215.42 64.2% 27.2% 8.6% Gross pay $2,500.00 100% Your pay