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Nathan Shanor, CFO
New York, NY
Healthcare Start-up
Intuit & independent broker
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2015 was a huge year for iMedicare, as they tripled their team size and grew their business immensely. With this massive growth, the healthcare startup was looking to streamline their HR operations, and adopted the full Gusto platform in April. Since then, iMedicare has cut down 60% of their time spent onboarding new employees.

Sharing a common goal

Gusto and iMedicare share one strong opinion; “healthcare is unnecessarily complicated.” iMedicare was launched in 2012 to “help pharmacists and seniors better understand and navigate Medicare Part D plans.” The company burst onto the pharmacy scene as a web and iPad application, meant to help community pharmacies grow their Medicare business while simplifying Medicare for patients.

Four years later, iMedicare is fulfilling its mission-- now servicing over 4,000 pharmacies who save their Medicare recipients an average of $1,150 per year, and a total of $287.5 million in 2015.

2015 was a big year for iMedicare as they tripled their team size. With this massive growth, CFO Nathan Shanor started his search for a one-stop HR solution.

A no-brainer choice

Before Gusto, iMedicare was using a combination of Intuit Online Payroll and the New York State website to manage payroll and benefits.

“We wanted to bring everything in-house, online and consolidate all of our payroll and benefits related tools as much as possible.”

They sought the advice of other startups in their co-working space, most of whom highly recommended Gusto, but were ultimately sold on Gusto’s “friendly and easy-to-use UI.”

After using Gusto, “I could never go back to navigating the state website again.”

Using Gusto to streamline our HR operations allows us to focus more on growing our business.

Confident in compliance, with everything automated

Nathan is relieved to have payroll and benefits in sync. Before Gusto, Nathan had to continuously go back-and-forth between Intuit and the NY State website to calculate employees' payroll deductions as well as and stay on top of compliance regulations.

“I’m confident that everything is done right with Gusto. They have a very knowledgeable team and have streamlined automated processes. Our deductions are accurate and we know compliance is being taken care of.”

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy switching was. The Gusto migration team handled it all.

Switching was shockingly easy

Nathan admitted that he was originally nervous about setting up a new payroll system but was pleasantly surprised by how ”seamless it was.”

“I just uploaded a few documents from Intuit and Gusto's migration team handled the rest.”

Switching their health benefits to Gusto was just as painless. Nathan shared that he didn’t remember much work besides “e-signing a few documents” and the next thing he knew, everything was set up.

Packed with features that save time

The onboarding experience for new employees is one of iMedicare’s favorite assets Gusto provides. As with most growing startups, every saved hour counts. Nathan spends 60% less time on employee onboarding with Gusto. “We just had a new employee start and she was able to get setup on payroll and completely enroll in health benefits without me having to do a thing.”

iMedicare also manages their workers’ compensation insurance within Gusto. “We utilized AP Intego for workers’ compensation prior to switching to Gusto, and were happy to hear that Gusto utilized them as well. The only thing that I had to do to move our policy was basically click ‘Accept’ and our coverage was ready to go.”

I’m confident that everything is done right with Gusto, because it’s all automatic.

Backed by amazing service

Gusto’s modern software is only part of the reason that iMedicare is a huge fan. The knowledgeable and responsive Customer Care team is another huge delighter, providing iMedicare with responses in half the time as their previous provider. “Everyone I have emailed or spoken with at Gusto takes the the time to give an informative response very quickly.”