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Ella Montgomery, Operations Manager
Denver, Colorado
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AccountEdge Pro & Connect for Health Colorado
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A Denver-based company, Housegreening provides green housekeeping services to more than 300 customers. Operations Manager Ella Montgomery loves taking care of her employees, but operational tasks like running payroll, managing health benefits or day-to-day HR duties ties her to her computer instead of spending time with her team. With Gusto's all-in-one HR platform, Ella now tackles these tasks “10 times faster”, so she can focus on driving employee happiness.

Keeping Denver green

Delighting customers in the Central Denver area has been Housegreening's mission for more than 10 years. Although they offer traditional housekeeping services, there is nothing traditional about the company itself. Housegreening focuses on generating the least amount of carbon footprint. Greeners, Housegreening's valuable employees, create all of the non-toxic cleaning solutions on-site. In fact, all the ingredients used are ones easily found in one’s pantry.

Plus, Housegreening takes care of their people. Unlike many companies in this space, Housegreening's staff are all full-time employees. "Our employees are the foundation of our company, and my main focus is to keep them happy and taken care of," says Ella Montgomery.

With Gusto's all-in-one platform I can run payroll 10 times faster.

Operations managers do everything

Ella's title is Operations Manager, but her business card should really say "Jill-Of-All-Trades". She's not only responsible for building strong relationships with Housegreening's 300+ customers, but also taking care of all 18 full-time employees.

As the company grew, Ella's day-to-day filled with all kinds of operational tasks -- and left little time to create special moments, like planning happy hours or creating recognition programs.

She needed a new HR solution to help her focus on what really matters.

All-in-one platform frees up valuable time

Before Gusto, Ella ran payroll with one platform, managed health benefits with another and tracked Greeners' times using yet another solution. She wasted time toggling between multiple logins and sources of truth.

"With Gusto's all-in-one platform I can run payroll 10 times faster. What I used to do in at least 3 hours now only takes me 15-20 minutes! Having the luxury of everything in one place makes managing all of that information so much easier, and helps us focus on our customers and employees."

Housegreening is now moving their health benefits into Gusto. "This will help me free up even more valuable time: making sure we were compliant with ObamaCare as well as onboarding new employees onto health benefits is a huge time guzzler."

Gusto is very easy to use and I always receive great customer support when needed.

A support team that actually delivers support

Ella also loves Gusto’s fast and easy customer support. "Gusto is easy to use and I always receive great customer support when needed. That was not the case with our previous providers."

Self-service features helps employees

Gusto also allows employees to easily find answers for themselves, which in turn frees up even more time for Ella. Greeners easily access their Gusto account from their mobile device and view their paystubs. "Many of them reached out to know if their biweekly reimbursements had taken place, for things such as drive time and mileage. Now, they can see that for themselves."