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About eAlchemy:
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Chris Farkas, Founder
Petaluma, CA
Software Company
Favorite Features:
  • Net-to-gross Calculator

After 12 years in supply chain management, Chris Farkas was ready to go out on his own. In 2009, he started eAlchemy, a software development consultancy that’s focused on building business intelligence and decision support tools for operations and supply chains.

“Our whole business is founded on the idea of helping people,” Chris says. “I’m really proud that we can give love and support to hard-working supply chain operations teams.” Business has grown 400 percent over the past three years and they expect to break $2 million in revenue next year.

Chris has also slowly expanded eAlchemy’s team to 11 employees and several contractors. “We’re building a business that has a great culture and is a great place to work,” he explains. “I’ve been able to employ people who are typically undervalued by the employment marketplace; I’m happy to hire people who have so much potential.”

The challenge of adding employees

Like many small business owners, Chris found that eAlchemy’s operations became more of a challenge as he expanded beyond his initial team of one. “I’ve found that people who start businesses are typically technicians — people with deep subject matter expertise,” he says. “Then, you have to move from being a technician to becoming a business person. There are so many different things to manage and stay on top of.”

For Chris, that meant shifting his focus from being a software developer who only had clients to think about, to someone who was worried about legal, payroll, contractors, and taxes. “All these things became more substantial components of my daily work, and the more time they take, the less I can focus on my core business.” That’s why he describes the move to Gusto as a huge win. “It’s like having in-house payroll,” he explains. “With my previous provider, Intuit Payroll, I had to handle all my own filings, which was a massive hassle. Gusto does it for me; I don’t need to worry about it.”

It’s like having in-house payroll...Gusto does it for me; I don’t need to worry about it.

Payroll that grows with your small business

Chris says there’s a lot to love about Gusto. From its transparent pricing structure to its quick customer support, he says it’s a service built to support small and growing businesses like his. “Since Gusto offers both contractor and employee support, it’s a one-stop shop,” he explains.

In addition to Gusto’s integration with Xero, he’s particularly a fan of the net-to-gross calculator feature. This calculator makes it easy for employers to estimate the total cost of an employee — taxes and benefits included. Just enter in the employees’ pay, and the calculator will tell you the gross amount to the business each pay period and year.

"With Gusto, 'delightful payroll' is not just a saying. I feel like you live it and turn it into a reality. You truly deliver on what you promise," Chris says.