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About Ceterus



Accounting Software:

QuickBooks Online and Xero

Previous Payroll Service:

Multiple national and regional providers

Industries served:

Franchise, not for profit



Favorite Features:

Introducing Ceterus

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Ceterus is an accounting-as-a-service startup that specializes in serving franchise and not-for-profit organizations. Ceterus provides a complete financial solution for small businesses, including accounting, reporting, with optional assistance in payroll, bill-processing, and taxes.

“The unique benefit of the Ceterus offering is that we provide our clients with dashboards that show them how they are performing, not only against their historic data, but also against their relevant industry benchmarks.” says Levi Morehouse, Founder of Ceterus.

Beyond its proprietary dashboard system, Ceterus has seen tremendous success. In just two years, the firm has tripled its client base, from 250 to 750 customers today. How? By continuing to offer differentiated value to its customers.

Gusto has saved us so much time: It enabled us to reduce our fees, allowing us to serve more entrepreneurs while providing an even more personal service.

Scaling business through an automation payroll system

Before joining the Gusto Partner Program, Ceterus wanted to scale its business, but it was handcuffed by its manual payroll operations. The firm used a variety of established payroll providers . However, their team, and their clients, struggled with the various system’s outdated and non-intuitive systems. For a single client, Ceterus accountants had to manually submit and pay state and local payroll taxes for the 38 states in which this client operated. Now with Gusto, all these filings and payments are done automatically reducing the work by 50% or 10 hours a week for this one client alone.

Gusto’s intuitive user interface means Ceterus’ clients can run payroll themselves without help from Ceterus staff. With Gusto’s easy, automated payroll system, Ceterus has been able to grow its customer base, limit manual time, and deliver higher value.

How HR Self-Onboarding Can Save Time (and Money)

Ceterus clients also benefit from Gusto’s all-in-one HR system. For example, one client -- a not-for-profit -- relies on a high number of temporary staff, which means they continually need to on- and off-board employees. Before Gusto, this process was manual, requiring a full-time employee to manage it. With Gusto’s electronic self-onboarding, this client was able to cut down onboarding time by 75% and the employee is now empowered to work on higher value tasks such as running HR analytics to present to management and the board of the non-profit.

Gusto’s all-in-one HR, helps us provide a streamlined, delightful experience to our clients whilst saving our firm time running payroll and accounting processes.