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Nini Gueco, CEO




San Francisco, CA





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I love the easy-to-use interface and how streamlined the process is. With Gusto, payroll isn’t daunting at all. I just had to follow the steps and enter the info.

It isn’t bootcamp or a yoga studio — but it isn’t a dance class, either. Avant-Barre revamps traditional barre workouts to offer a modern twist with circuit-like training that includes dynamic exercises, strength poses, deep stretches, cardio, and a great playlist.

“I trained in classical ballet and ethnic folk dance, then trained to become a barre instructor,” says Nini Gueco, CEO of Avant-Barre. “I wanted to offer something different and fun for people who don’t necessarily have the same background in dance.”

“Our classes focus on combining isometric movements with more full-range, functional movements that can translate directly into everyday outside motions,” she said. “This keeps it fresh and changes things up; it fills a void in the way that a lot of people exercise.”

Avant-Barre was recently voted “Best Barre Class in San Francisco for 2015” by San Francisco Magazine. With 70+ five-star reviews on Yelp, it seems her customers agree. “I’ve worked hard to create a culture of community around our fitness studio; I think that culture has has a lot to do with our success — and I’ve found a team that’s as passionate about this business as I am.”

Peace of mind for a first-time entrepreneur

As a first-time business owner, Nini had no idea how to set up payroll and was looking for a payroll provider when she found Gusto. “I love the easy-to-use interface and how streamlined the process is,” she says. “With Gusto, payroll isn’t daunting at all. I just had to follow the steps and enter the info.”

Nini admits that she had no idea what she was getting into with payroll: “Left to my own, I probably would have missed a ton of filings. It’s a lot to keep track of.”

Instead, Gusto looks after all her filings—and for the things that do need her attention, she appreciates the friendly reminders and thoughtful extra touches, “like automatically saved fields so you can come back and enter data later.”

Nini is also excited about new, modern, cloud-based tools like Gusto that allow Avant-Barre to stay lean and agile, while also allowing her more time to focus on marketing and growing her business.

She was very hands-on as Avant-Barre found its footing. It was only when she tried to take a step back that she realized her team was just as dedicated as she was. “I really built the team of my dreams,” she says. “I want to take care of them.” Luckily, she can turn to Gusto to help her do just that.