Step 6: Select a Payroll Schedule

How often do you want to run payroll? We offer several options, including different schedules for hourly and salaried employees.

How often do you want to run payroll?

Gusto allows you to pay employees how you want, when you want. You can pay all your employees at the same time, or you can pay hourly and salaried employees on different pay schedules. Schedule options include weekly, monthly, semi-monthly and bi-monthly.

Multiple pay schedules

You can pay your hourly employees on one schedule (say, weekly) and your salaried employees on another (say, twice per month).

Off-Cycle Payrolls

Want to run payroll outside of your regular schedule? No problem. You can run an off-cycle payroll at no extra cost.

Bonus Payroll

You can reward your employees for their hard work with a bonus payroll too. We’ll figure out all the taxes.

In a rush? You can always pay your employees by check. Just choose the “pay by check” option when running payroll and you can pay your team right on the spot.