Step 5: Set Up Your Bank Account

To pay your team and your taxes, add your company’s bank account to Gusto.

Payroll and taxes, in one withdrawal

Each time you run payroll, we withdraw exactly the right amount of money to pay all of your employees and contractors, plus your federal, state and local taxes. All you need to do is give us your bank account’s routing and account numbers.

Gusto Onboarding Screenshot
Employees & Contractors

Gusto automatically calculates the compensation and taxes for each employee and contractor.

Automatic Tax Payments

We'll pay all of your local, state and federal taxes automatically.

Tips & Reimbursements

It's easy to add tips, commissions, reimbursements and more.

Each time you run payroll, a lot happens behind the scenes. We pay your employees, contractors and all of your taxes. From your perspective, however, it’s all condensed into one simple withdrawal.