Step 1: Add Company Addresses

Where does your company call home? Knowing where you're located is useful for many of the other steps, which is why we ask for it first.

Add all of your company’s addresses

If you’re located in the United States with under 100 employees, we’re likely to be an excellent match for you. We support all 50 states, as well as Washington, DC.

Filing Address

Your filing address is your primary place of business (your HQ) and we’ll use it on all of your filings. This is the address on file with the IRS. You can find it on your IRS Federal EIN assignment form (Form SS-4).

Mailing Address

This is the address where you’d like to receive physical mail from Gusto. We rarely need to mail you anything, but we like to have it just in case. It’s usually the same as the Filing Address.

Other Company Locations

If you employees working in other offices, we need to collect those as well. You can add as many locations as you like. Many of our customers have offices in multiple states.

Gusto Onboarding Screenshot