Talent Management

Talent management

Grow and develop your dream team with talent management tools.

We provide thoughtful tools for performance evaluations and career development so you can build the kind of work culture that helps you motivate, nurture, and retain your talented team.

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The path to success has never been smoother.

Gusto’s talent management tools were built to simplify your HR tasks. Get the efficiency tools and culture-building resources your workplace needs all in one easy-to-use, integrated platform.

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Build a culture of feedback

Create a safe environment for your team to proactively give and receive feedback.

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Nurture your team’s growth

Help employees identify opportunities, develop skills, and grow in their careers.


Retain talented employees

Keep top performers engaged at work with meaningful feedback and guidance.

Performance reviews

Better reviews mean better performance.

Performance reviews are a great way to help your team fulfill their potential. Gusto’s automated workflow makes the process swift and engaging, while providing tools like self-evaluations, manager reviews, and career development resources. You’ll have unprecedented insight into where your team has been excelling and where they could use extra support.

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Clicking on the following button will update the content in the demo video

Clicking on the following button will update the content in the demo video

It’s great to have Gusto to plop everything right into instead of having to start our performance review process from scratch.
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Integrate custom performance software directly into Gusto.

To help you develop and retain your team, Gusto integrates with a range of apps that foster your employees’ continued growth.

Performance management
Optimize your productivity with apps that help engage and propel your employees.

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Learning and development
There’s always more to learn. Help your team stay on top of trainings and new skills.

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The people platform

Manage your growing
team, all in one place.

Behind every successful business is a thriving team. Hire, pay, insure,
and support your employees with Gusto’s all-in-one people platform.
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