Tax Credits

How to Be a Tax Hero for Your Clients

The U.S. government offers $92 billion in R&D Tax Credits each year and only about a third are ever claimed. Why? Well, these credits can be confusing. Businesses don’t know they’re eligible, and their trusted advisors (like you!) may not have the bandwidth to offer guidance or may want additional info. 

Join Joshua Lee and Elizabeth Miller from Gusto as they discuss the R&D tax credit, who’s eligible, how to apply, and the effects of section 174. 

Join Joshua and Elizabeth on Thursday, January 18, 2024 at 10am PT / 1pm ET.

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What you’ll learn

Learn all you need to know about R&D tax credits

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Including how they work, what’s involved, and when to apply them. (Did you know they’re retroactive?)

Who’s eligible (and who’s not)

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It’s companies across all industries, from agronomy to architecture, and not just software startups. (Both profitable and not yet profitable.)

How Gusto helps your clients apply

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Including how access to payroll data speeds things up and the revenue share potential for your firm.

Better understand the effects of section 174

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With the new changes to section 174, taking the R&D tax credit is now more beneficial than ever.

Meet Joshua & Elizabeth

Our upcoming live session will feature insights from guest speakers Joshua Lee & Elizabeth Miller.

Joshua Lee, Head of R&D Tax Credits at Gusto

Joshua founded an R&D company that Gusto acquired in 2021. Previously, he spent nearly 14 years at EY, including as its West Coast R&D Credit Team Lead. He has deep experience helping companies grow — both as a founder and a tech company investor.

Elizabeth Miller, Customer Success at Gusto

Elizabeth is coming up on 3 years with Gusto with the majority of that time helping Gusto clients claim the Tax Credits they deserve! These days, her top priority is helping our Gusto Partners leverage Gusto Tax Credit Services for their clients.