Professional Growth

3 Avenues to Unlocking Team Potential

Difficulty with hiring is at an all time high. If you haven’t experienced it at your firm, we’re sure you know someone struggling to find talent. Rather than pushing against the storm, let’s talk about running with it. 

Join us as Jaclyn Anku, our Head of Community & Education, shares actionable advice on how to cultivate homegrown talent and nurture it into long-term, loyal superstars. 

We’ll also hear from our featured guest speaker, Chris Williams of SystemSix, on how he’s set up his own version of organic professional growth in his company–hint, it has to do with work culture.

1 CPE won’t be the only takeaway from this jam-packed session!

Tuesday, November 29, 2022 (10am PT/1pm ET)

What you’ll learn

Questions to unlock your talent pipeline

Chest Kale

Untraditional backgrounds may surprise you. Learn how to identify talent with the most potential–not necessarily the most experience.

Phases in the employee journey you can most impact

Map Ginger

We’ll talk about how you can make the most difference across the employee lifecycle. We know you’re busy, so we’ll be sure to show you how the Gusto platform can help here.

How you can position yourself to inspire

HeartFlower Guava

Sure, your team can walk, skip or even jog–but how can we get them to run? The key is you.

Meet Jaclyn Anku & Chris Williams

Our upcoming live session will feature insights from guest speakers Jaclyn Anku and Chris Williams.

Jaclyn Anku, Head of Community & Education at Gusto

Jaclyn came to Gusto with a passion for the accounting profession–so it’s no surprise that she is the brains and heart behind Gusto Academy. She’s definitely a familiar face for those who have perused our catalog of courses.

Chris Williams, CEO at System Six

Chris joined System Six from a career in finance, where he served as an advisor to and investor in medium-large sized businesses. He’s worked for several fast growing companies, holds a business degree from Stanford, and is a great advisory resource for our clients. Chris loves being with family, going for runs and working on his golf game.

*NASBA CPE provider details
Cost: Free
Subject Area: Management Services
CPE Credits: 1.0 hours
Course Level: Basic
Instructional Method: Group Internet Based
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None