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How to Sign-Up For Free Payroll and HR Tools for Your Firm

One of the exclusive perks of becoming a Gusto partner is that you qualify for free payroll and HR tools for your firm (Gusto Core and Complete plans) as long as you add at least one Partner Client to your Gusto dashboard annually. This perk is a great opportunity to experience the value that Gusto payroll brings to your clients.

How to enroll in free payroll?

As part of the Gusto partner standard tier, your firm becomes eligible for free payroll. To enroll your firm, simply add your firm as a new company to your dashboard and complete the on-boarding steps. During on-boarding choose either the Core or Complete plan depending on your firm’s HR needs. Before running payroll for the first time, email your Partner Advisor at letting them know you would like to enable free payroll for your firm. Your Partner Advisor will then switch on 12 months of free payroll for your firm.

How do I continue to receive free payroll?

In order to qualify for an additional twelve-months free, your firm needs to enroll at least one Partner Client per year.

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