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Marketing Materials to Explain Gusto to Your Clients

Want to show your clients what Gusto can do? Here are some resources you can forward along to them to clearly explain the benefits of Gusto’s products and plans.

Introduction to Gusto

  • Meet Gusto: Video introduction to Gusto.
  • Guide to Gusto Plans: An guide to Gusto’s three plans (Core, Complete, and Concierge) to help your clients pick the best plan for their business.

Core Plan Assets

Complete and Concierge Plan Assets

  • Gusto Demo: A guided video tour of Gusto’s modern, all-in-one payroll, benefits, and HR solution.
  • Full Gusto Overview: Three-page brochure with an overview of Gusto payroll, benefits, and HR.
  • Employee Experience Preview: Slide deck highlighting paperless employee self-onboarding, employee surveys, pay day emails and more.

Employee Benefits and Insurance


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