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Gusto enables growth at Goldbelly.

“Gusto’s been a phenomenal partner for us.”
– Goldbelly, customer since March 2014

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It seems like defying the laws of physics to have a cheesesteak from Philadelphia, a deep-dish pizza from Chicago, and fresh salmon from Seattle’s Pike Place Market, all delivered to your home wherever your home may be. Well, that’s exactly what Goldbelly offers.

Goldbelly is an online marketplace for iconic foods. They enable customers to order food from anywhere in the country, and in the process they’re helping support local businesses. How do they do it? They use magic. Okay, they really use logistics, technology, a national network of partnerships with amazing restaurants—and, of course, Gusto.

Ever since they first needed a payroll platform in 2014, Goldbelly has looked to us to make it as easy as possible. We’ve also helped make growing their team a painless process. Today Goldbelly has employees numbering in the hundreds, mostly salaried, and located across 15 states.

Dan Shinstrom is VP of Finance at Goldbelly, and has run payroll with Gusto for the past seven years. He’s a strong proponent of Gusto for start-ups. “I worked with many startups when they were first starting out. Every single one of them, I always told them: just sign up for Gusto. It will scale with you as you get larger, it’s very easy, there’s no contractual commitment. It helps legitimize the company, and it’s truly the easiest payroll software to get up and running for a start-up when you’re ready to hire that first employee, and when you’re ready to go on benefits.”

Dan makes frequent use of the org chart functionality as well as Gusto’s integration with Goldbelly’s accounting software. “As the person who has to book all the payroll journal entries and those kinds of things on the backend, it’s so easy to get Gusto started. It seamlessly integrates with so many different things, and it’s affordable for when you’re also a company on a budget.

Gusto’s been a phenomenal partner for us.

But while Gusto is ideal for a new company, it’s also perfect for larger and more established teams. “As companies mature, Gusto makes it very straightforward to mature with them. At each step, there are hurdles as a company gets larger and larger, and Gusto is ready for each one of those hurdles before the company is. They take the administrative hassle out of what could be a very manual process and make it really turn-key.”

And just like Goldbelly’s business involves a lot of hard work to make ordering a sandwich from across the country feel simple for customers, Gusto streamlines the complexities of payroll for administrators and employees alike.

“Payroll is sort of a black box of confusion,” says Dan.

Gusto puts payroll into plain English for people in ways that I have not seen other companies do.

“I have heard from a lot of employees, ‘Wow, this is really easy.’ It’s so user-friendly from both an onboarding perspective when you’re an employee, and from an administrative perspective. It’s so much easier than any other software I’ve ever used. I have to click four buttons and payroll is run.”

We love that Gusto’s payroll and benefits platform has helped Dan support his hardworking team. After all, teamwork makes the dream work. And if your dream is a key lime pie shipped straight from the Florida Keys, then we’d say: mission accomplished.