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Creating a presence in the US and Gusto share a common goal: to take the heavy lifting out of making complicated and important life decisions. was launched in 2006 with the intent to help consumers make smarter purchasing decisions. From credit cards to home insurance to cell phone plans, “providing the most transparent and accurate information to our customers has been of the highest priority,” explains Jon Brodsky, Country Manager.

Founded and headquartered in Australia, has now expanded to office locations in 10 countries with an online presence in 40+. After moving into the United States in late 2015, they’ve quickly grown their team to 20 employees.

I’ve never been formally trained on HR, but with Gusto I feel confident that we are compliant and can take care of our employees.

Tools to help grow

Upon their expansion into the US, needed a payroll and HR system that would be simple to implement and support their high growth. As a website comparison company, naturally initiated a rigorous process to pinpoint the best solution for their needs.

“We found Gusto to be the system with the least amount of management required, giving us the time to focus on what really mattered—hiring and onboarding the best talent to grow the company.”

With the help of Gusto, is never worried about staying compliant with state and federal regulations when it comes to payroll.

“Our previous payroll provider, ADP, continued to pay an employee for 2 months after he no longer worked with us. Now we run payroll in minutes and have the confidence Gusto will take care of the rest.”

The flexibility to choose our pay schedule is a game changer. We can now match the pay schedule of our teams across the globe.

Saving for the future

When it comes to hiring and retaining top talent, Jon knows benefits offerings are a major factor in a candidate’s decision. After another extensive search, it was Guideline, Gusto’s integrated partner, that offered the best possible 401(k) benefits for him and his employees. Not only do they enjoy the lowest fees in the industry, their fully integrated system saves the team hundreds of hours a year with all-in-one onboarding for new employees and automatic 401(k) deductions from payroll.

Building a unique culture

Creating and maintaining a culture thousands of miles away from home can be tough.

“We really had to create our own employee experience in the US, not just get things passed along from Australia,” Jon mentions. To do that, he started incorporating more Gusto features into the business. implemented Gusto’s survey feature to get a pulse on employee satisfaction. They use this feedback to understand which factors are influencing satisfaction levels and what’s motivating employees.

With Gusto’s onboarding, I get at least 4 hours back per employee. That time is now reallocated to working with my team on professional development.

Integrating other Gusto appreciation features has helped Jon to develop the workplace culture and build up a happier team. Whether that’s through the uplifting, personalized emails from Gusto on payday, using Gusto to reward employees with bonuses to thank them for their hard work, or staying on top of anniversary and birthday reminders in the Gusto dashboard, it’s all about boosting team morale through recognition and celebrating the milestones and moments that matter. is excited to adopt additional Gusto features as they grow. When we asked Jon to describe Gusto in three words, he replied, “Stupidly super easy.” Hey, we’ll take it!

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