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“Gusto is literally our partner and fire suppression system all wrapped in one. We need companies like theirs to help us manage our business on the back end, so that we can take care of our teams and provide our clients the best service possible.” – MOD, Gusto customer since 2015 

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About MOD

Where: Philadelphia, PA
Industry: Marketing
Employees: 50+
Joined Gusto: May 2015

MOD is not your average marketing agency. They are decision scientists and brand architects who specialize in helping their clients dare to be different through storytelling, in-depth strategy and consulting, neuromarketing research, and video production. 

MOD has been a customer since May 2015, utilizing Gusto’s HR concierge services, health benefits, payroll, and 401k products. Their high-performing team turned to Gusto for guidance on all things HR and has leaned on Gusto as a trusted partner and resource.

Gusto has been an extension of the MOD team

Tools that cater to remote team management

MOD’s team is composed of content creators, producers, directors and strategists, and as their company began to grow and scale, MOD needed help navigating the complexities of HR management. Because MOD doesn’t have an in-house HR team, they turned to Gusto for support.

“We don’t have an in-house HR team,” says Adriana Vázquez, Director of Operations at MOD. “We view Gusto as our HR business partner for the entire company. Especially now as we’re more remote, there’s more of a need for Gusto because businesses are hiring people from everywhere.” 

When the pandemic hit, businesses had to scramble to become fully remote overnight. Business leaders were left without guidance on how to move forward, but were often expected to operate—and remain compliant—while figuring it out on their own. MOD has found that having Gusto as a trusted resource to help with onboarding and payroll has been helpful, particularly when it comes to remotely hiring contractors. 

“Running payroll is such a hassle-free experience using Gusto. It’s so quick and easy that we can practically run it overnight,” says MOD. “And the time-tracking feature has been a lifesaver in helping us record time for our contractors, improving our accuracy, and saving us time in the process.”

HR made easyWe view Gusto as our HR business partner for the entire company. Especially now as we’re more remote, there’s more of a need for Gusto because businesses are hiring people from everywhere.
Director of Operations, MOD

Resources and guidance for business leaders

Resources and guidance have never been more needed than during COVID-19, as businesses do their best to survive uncertainty. How to safely reopen offices, rolling out hybrid remote work models, and applying for federal aid are just a few of the dizzying processes that organizations must navigate in the wake of the pandemic. MOD turns to Gusto resources as their source of truth, especially when it comes to all things COVID-19. “We’re obsessed with the fact you update your resources constantly,” notes MOD. 

In addition to the COVID-19 Resource Center, Gusto also provides comprehensive guides that cover HR basics like information on tax filing and compliance, how to run payroll, and instructions on how to choose benefit offerings. Managers at agency-structured businesses often have to be masters of all trades, and that’s why Gusto aims to provide information on various topics to help business leaders tackle tasks with confidence, helping them to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. 

“Many of us are required to wear many different hats and we don’t always have time to read a long article,” explains MOD. “There are times when we need to understand how to resolve our problem rapidly. That’s why we absolutely love that Gusto offers video explanations and concise bullet pointed resources that outlines what we need.” 

Simple and straightforward benefits selection

Ensuring their employees feel supported is a top priority at MOD. When they realized there was potential to offer their employees greater medical coverage, they worked to increase their coverage offerings by 20 percent. 

“We received guidance from Gusto on what the employer should be paying and were able to increase our employee coverage amount plus the amount we covered for their dependents. Having that honest advice that helps our team and our organization is such a plus,” MOD attests. 

Navigating the complexities of health benefits’ rules and regulations can be a daunting task. HR leaders are required to stay abreast of changing legislation and eligibility requirements; this can be overwhelming, even for the most experienced HR manager. As MOD’s HR business partner, Gusto helps to ease that burden by always having a knowledgeable HR advisor available to answer questions or give advice. 

“The person who walked us through choosing benefits was great,” says MOD. “The selection process was fantastic from the comparisons of different providers to the cost breakdown per employee. We just loved it!” 

Customer service brands can count on

MOD relies on Gusto’s exceptional customer service, particularly when it comes to compliance. And at Gusto, we never miss an opportunity to integrate the feedback we receive from customers to improve the experience for all our users.

“The other day we needed to do an ERC credit and we didn’t know much about it. When we were on our dashboard, we had a bit of trouble finding what we needed so we called customer service,” says MOD. “Not only did they understand the difficulty we had, they used it as an opportunity to improve the interface and immediately put in a request for changes, improving the experience for future users.”

Gusto as a longtime partner

As MOD continues to hire more employees and scale their company, they can be sure that Gusto will be there to help guide them in their HR needs. “As a specialty agency, we rely on each other to do various tasks that sometimes exist beyond our scope of expertise, whether that’s handling back office needs like accounting, hiring, managing, or training; we do it all,” says MOD. “We view Gusto as a longtime partner who isn’t afraid of being in the trenches with us and is always there to help when we need it.”

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