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Announcing Payroll and Benefits for Office Dogs

Val Klump Former UX Copywriter, Gusto 
Announcing Payroll and Benefits for Office Dogs

Today we are adding a new feature to Gusto: payroll and benefits for office dogs. Full- and part-time office dogs of all sizes and breeds will now have access to the same incredible Gusto features that people do, including online accounts, workers’ comp, and dental plans (a.k.a. Canine Cleanings™). Pricing is the same as for humans.


Finnley, our office dog, now enjoys Gusto payroll and benefits.

When Gusto was founded, we started building what we call the People Platform. However, after repeated requests from Finnley (pictured above), we made the commitment to build a Puppy Platform as well. Enormous time and energy has been poured into this project, and we are tremendously proud of the result. So is Finnley, who gave the beta test her highest honor: five wags. Being an office dog has been a little ruff in the past, but not anymore.

Payroll and benefits for office dogs will start in California and Colorado, with support for the other 48 states rolling out shortly. Later this year, we’ll also add additional features including doggie 401(k) plans, a doggie daycare finder, and playdate support. Office dogs with email addresses will also receive Gusto accounts to manage their salaries, make vacation requests, arrange walks and coordinate treat delivery.

If you are an office dog, talk to your company’s payroll admin about being added to Gusto. Security-minded iOS and Android users will be able to enable paw-thentication for extra login security. We also support bark recognition at a variety of tonal levels, from deep woofs to high-pitched yips.

In the future, we hope to extend coverage to other animals, including horses, aquarium fish, and song birds. Support for cats, despite being in development for two years, is awaiting a single successful user test. If you are a cat and willing to follow instructions and give respectful feedback, please contact us on Twitter or Facebook.

Updated: April 16, 2019


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