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Gusto Embedded One Year In: Fueling SMB Tech Success at Scale with Critical Compliance

Tomer London Co-Founder & CPO, Gusto 

A year ago, we announced Gusto Embedded to enable other software developers to provide a comprehensive payroll solution, tailored to their customers, and get it to market in record time. We deliver our proven payroll, tax filing, payments, and compliance infrastructure via APIs and via pre-built user flows, and leverage over a decade of experience to help partners sell and support payroll. 

In the last 12 months, we added dozens of new partners as well as new features to strengthen our partners’ ability to build and tailor their platforms to meet the specialized needs of their customers. And, there’s so much more to come. We’ve gone all-in on this offering, leveraging the experience and skills of more than 2,000 team members and the technology they’ve built over a decade. We’ve also acquired Symmetry, the nationwide leader in payroll infrastructure. All of this is why the Gusto Embedded network is growing.

Empowering Gusto’s Embedded partner network with scale

Since launch, the number of partners building with our embedded payroll offering has grown tremendously. Newest additions to the partner network include 1-800Accountant, Cents, CleanCloud, Archy, PushPress, Promenade, and, among others. Whether they’re supporting fitness centers, laundry operators, or dental offices, Gusto Embedded is helping to fuel their success and that of their more than 186,000 small business customers.

Beyond the product, we draw on our decade of experience managing the ins and outs of payroll to provide world-class compliance, customer enablement and go-to-market support. Governments are slow machines, and in some situations it takes years until a tax agency alerts employers about an issue with a payroll they have run. Employers then may need to go back to old employees and correct their old W-2s. It’s a terrible experience. That’s why there’s an adage in the industry: don’t trust your payroll with a processor who hasn’t done it for at least five years. With Gusto Embedded, we’re giving our partners a head-start selling and servicing payroll. That includes 10 years of unexpected edge cases, undocumented state tax nuances, and go-to-market best practices. 

Gusto has processed hundreds of billions of dollars in payroll for hundreds of thousands of employers across America. This proven experience is why our partners know we’ve got them covered. “Paying employees is an important part of every business, though payroll can be complex with a lot of regulation and compliance. Our product Archy is an all-in-one platform to power an entire dental practice, and naturally, it made sense to offer payroll as an included service,” said Archy CEO Jonathan Rat. “By partnering with Gusto, we knew we would be able to leverage a company that has proven itself in the space.”

For a deep dive on all that goes into payroll beyond the paycheck, check out our latest whitepaper. With Gusto Embedded, we’re leveraging our experience and expertise to help partners go beyond a passable payroll product to create a truly powerful, integrated solution:
“We had a lot of confidence in Gusto as a solution,” said busybusy Chief Revenue Officer Derrik Shakepear. “People actually say they love Gusto, which is rare to hear about companies in the payroll industry! We knew we could build that delight into our own product to harness that customer loyalty for our company.” You can read more about busybusy’s implementation experience here.

The heart of payroll is compliance

Every year, a third of US employers get fined because of payroll mistakes. Gusto Embedded will enable our partners to prevent that. Among dozens of features launched this year, here are a few that help our partners build a compliant and reliable payroll solution:

  • A new payroll transfers service to help ensure a smooth transition from a customer’s existing payroll provider to the partner’s payroll product. 
  • Pre-built user interface (UI) flows for Run Payroll, 1099 Contractor Onboarding, and State Tax Setup. Tax regulations are fluid and change year-to-year and sometimes quarter-to-quarter. That’s why we’re releasing pre-built embeddable user interface (UI) flows that update with the latest regulatory changes and include validation of user inputs. These quick-to-embed flows bake in the lessons from Gusto’s customer base of 200,000 businesses operating in all 50 states.
  • Finally, we’re providing partners with a Payroll Receipts endpoint, which makes it easy to package up all the data you need to stay compliant with a single call. This makes developers’ lives easier, gives the business owner more visibility, and keeps everyone aligned with money transfer regulations.

And one more thing: With Gusto Embedded, partners can build payroll in 36 days.

Speed-to-market matters. With our pre-built flows, new developer tools (API docs), and developer support, partners can build in a just over a month. Combine that with the customer enablement and go-to-market expert support we provide, we offer the full package to get partners up and running with payroll successfully quickly and seamlessly.  

We’ve heard over and over from our partner community that Gusto is the company to use for small business payroll,” said Joel Slatis, CEO at “This made us excited about using their product. From a compliance perspective, we really didn’t concern ourselves. We already knew Gusto had north of 200,000 clients, so using Gusto would never raise those kinds of questions in the first place. We trust that Gusto has that stuff figured out.”

Join our Embedded partner network and expand your value

We’re proud of all the value our Gusto Embedded partner network is driving for business owners in its first year, and are excited to continue the momentum alongside our software partners. To that end we’re also launching a podcast so that our partners and fellow tech leaders can share their stories and learnings of building for their customers at scale. That includes how they’ve solved customer pain for hundreds of thousands of small and growing businesses.
If you’re looking to build more value into your own platform by incorporating a proven, scalable embedded payroll solution, sign up and join us as we continue building the future of embedded services for business.

Tomer London Tomer is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Gusto. He is responsible for the development and execution of the product vision — reimagining how modern payroll, benefits, and compliance should operate.
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