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Bring Culture to Your Work Space

I recently wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal on bringing culture to your startup office or work space. Often companies spend more time than necessary trying to find or design their space that they lose focus on what truly defines their company culture – the employees and customers. While your space can impact your culture, recruiting, and customer connection, it’s won’t define it or determine your success. Companies should strive to create a work environment that matches their culture — one that is unique, allows easy interaction with customers, and enables participation in the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“Given the choices you have when choosing a startup office, the key is to go with your instinct and choose a space that is authentic to you. Think about the types of spaces where you’d be most productive, have easy access to your target customer, and also be surrounded by an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Once you’ve found a space, commit to it and move on. Office space is important but what matters most is tackling a problem you care about, and building a solution that can meaningfully solve that problem.”

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