Humphry Slocombe employee making ice cream

Humphry Slocombe

Gusto Customer

Building a brand that fosters humanity at work.

It’s here: A new brand that reflects the way we serve small businesses — today and for many years to come.

People are the most important part of every business.

Gusto serves more than 200,000 small businesses across America. While they’re all different, they all rely on their teams. So we’ve committed ourselves to supporting the people on those teams beyond their paychecks, offering benefits, HR support, hiring resources, engagement tools, and more.

Our brand isn’t just what we believe, it’s what we do.

three people saying hello
Gusto office in San Francisco

Our brand philosophy

To foster humanity at work, we combine our sophisticated technology and warm personality.

Gusto office in San Francisco
Warmth is how we show people we care.

It’s being empathetic and thoughtful.

It’s encouragement through sticky situations.

It lights up a room and all the people in it.

Warmth is human.
Sophistication is how we earn people’s trust.

It’s caring about the smallest details.

It’s expertise and opinionated guidance.

It’s that spark of delight when we anticipate someone’s needs.

Sophistication is smart.

Meet our mightynew logo.

Our wordmark puts the spotlight on our expressive name. Notice the balance, the approachable, rounded letters, and the subtle smile of the lowercase “g”.

Humphry Slocombe works with Gusto inDinero works with Gusto Huckleberry Roasters works with Gusto Rocky Mountain Clay works with Gusto Matchless Builds works with Gusto

These are actual Gusto customers at work. No actors. No stock photos.

We’re people people.

This brand is all about people. Our photography captures teams and emphasizes human connection. And our hand-drawn illustration style gushes with personality.

illustration of group of people

Our illustrations are hand-drawn,

joyful, and represent the people we serve.
gusto branded tote bag Gusto benefits card

Hey there,Guava.

Since the start, our brand has been rooted in vibrant tones of red. So we warmed our primary color up with touches of pink and orange, and added a cooler, secondary color to balance the palette out.

Primary palette





Secondary palette





Guava Light


laptop with Gusto stickers

Say it with style.

Words matter — both how they look and how they sound. From Clearface, our unique, personality-packed typeface, to our conversational voice and tone, we draw people into vibrant dialogue (without sacrificing clarity).

Gusto billboard ad

We’re looking for people who care about people.

Come build a product small businesses and their teams love. Whether you’re into code, product, design, or all three, we want to talk.

Three piece band, piano, sax, bass

A product built (and designed) for people.

Hear from co-founder Tomer London about what changes customers will see when they log into their Gusto accounts.