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The Pursuit of Employee Happiness


From to-do list apps to fitness monitors to sleep trackers, we have many ways to measure almost every aspect of our daily lives. Yet when it comes to the less tangible stuff – emotional well-being rather than physical health, passion and belonging instead of productivity – tracking tools can fall short. Did you know that […]

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Special Report: Diversity and Inclusion with Gusto

Diversity and Inclusion with Gusto

Everyone has their own story about why diversity is important. I am inspired by my mother, who immigrated to the U.S. from Bolivia when she was 18. She didn’t know any English but spoke Spanish and French fluently, and she received a full scholarship to University of San Francisco. My mother became a teacher, and […]

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Welcome to a New Kind of HR

Introducing HR

Compliance rules, reams of paperwork, and manual processes squeezed into tiny print. For most people, these everyday details are the very definition of human resources. Technically, HR can include all of the above, but it’s also much, much more. It’s more because your home and work lives are intertwined. Work empowers a better life, but […]

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A New, Personalized Way for Small Businesses to Offer Health Benefits

Benefits Launch Illustrations_Blog

Health insurance keeps people and their families healthy, yet over 70 percent of small businesses today do not offer benefits. That’s millions of businesses whose employees are on their own when it comes to insurance. After talking to hundreds of small business owners, we discovered that they feel overwhelmed by the arduous process of setting […]

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Meet Framework


Building a business takes more than just a hammer and a few rusty nails. It takes a vision. It takes heart. And a sturdy foundation to support it all. Today we’re thrilled to unveil Framework, a resource center packed with the tools you need to make your business flourish. Come inside and find expert tips […]

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Announcing Payroll and Benefits for Office Dogs


Today we are adding a new feature to Gusto: payroll and benefits for office dogs. Full- and part-time office dogs of all sizes and breeds will now have access to the same incredible Gusto features that people do, including online accounts, workers’ comp, and dental plans (a.k.a. Canine Cleanings™). Pricing is the same as for […]

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A Stronger Foundation for Building Our People Platform


Funding is not our goal — it’s what we do with it that matters. You’ll never catch us toasting to a change in valuation or throwing a party after raising a new round. When you buy a house, you don’t commemorate the day you finally got a mortgage — you commemorate the day you moved in and […]

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For All the Ways You Work: Introducing Multiple Pay Rates, Schedules, and More

multiple pay rates

At Gusto, we’re lucky to work with so many unique small businesses sprinkled throughout the country. From coffee shops to law firms, our customers’ diversity and can-do spirits are what make our job so special. And it’s what also makes it such a fun challenge — providing tools that fit companies of all shapes and sizes. Because […]

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Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

EE Appreciation Day_Blog-810x450

A high five. A heartfelt thank-you note. A quick acknowledgement at an all-hands meeting. These ordinary things can bring out the extraordinary in people. When you take a moment to recognize someone’s work, it helps them feel proud of the work they do. Ideas like these are just one part of a more holistic relationship that […]

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ZenPayroll is now Gusto

Gusto Faces

Today is a big day for the whole ZenPayroll community. ZenPayroll is now Gusto. When we founded the company in 2011, our core belief was that people are the most important part of every business. Four years later, we believe it even more strongly, as we’ve grown to serve tens of thousands of businesses across all […]

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