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Kira Deutch is a content producer at Gusto, where she focuses on telling stories that empower small businesses across the country. She has a background in publishing and content marketing for startups. You can get in touch with Kira here.

Meet Framework


Building a business takes more than just a hammer and a few rusty nails. It takes a vision. It takes heart. And a sturdy foundation to support it all. Today we’re thrilled to unveil Framework, a resource center packed with the tools you need to make your business flourish. Come inside and find expert tips […]

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The One Number That Makes Everything More Amazing


“Omne trium perfectum”  — Latin for “Everything that comes in threes is perfect.” Every day, we eat three square meals. We have three unalienable rights and three iPhone storage options. In fact, much of our lives is brought to us by the number three. But how can one lonesome little number carry so much weight? Whether we realize […]

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How Our Youngest Customer Started a Company While Still in High School


When the Supreme x Air Jordan 5 sneakers were released on a Friday morning in October, Luke Miles was one of the first to know. Cushy soles, taut stitching, and with the iconic Air Jordan silhouette on the tongue, these shoes aren’t just shoes to sneaker fans — they’re works of art. As soon as […]

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How to Work with an Introvert When You’re an Extrovert


Introverts and extroverts — the Myers-Briggs pair that has turned into a badge of both honor and confusion. No one is 100% either type, but most of us lean toward one side because of how clearly it explains the nuances in our lives. In this post, you’ll learn about ways you can build your I/E […]

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Groundhog Day Lessons That Will Help You Get Out of Your Small Business Rut


“Well, what if there was no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today.” If you’re looking to get your business mojo back, you may want to fire up your TV. Groundhog Day, the seminal 1993 film directed by Harold Ramis, stars Bill Murray as a crabby weatherman named Phil Connors, who ends up reliving February 2nd ad […]

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The 10 TED Talks Every Small Business Owner Should Listen to

TED talks

In the business world, you may feel super stressed more often than superhero-esque. So when you need a shot of inspiration to give you back your superpowers, TED talks are the perfect remedy. From medicine to the arts, these bite-sized lessons allow viewers to make connections between wildly different ideas. And with thousands of videos […]

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How Kevin Systrom Created Instagram, One Moment at a Time


On a balmy evening in Mexico, a San Francisco couple took an impromptu photo while waiting in line at a taco stand. It was a typical arrangement of iPhone pixels: a stray dog next to a foot inside a flip-flop. The photo could’ve been any normal scenario, any normal moment in time. But in that […]

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Your Field Guide for Managing Quirky Work Personalities


Work is a maze of moods. People drop their scripts, quirks emerge, and things start to get real. Part of being a good manager means being able to navigate that mix of personalities, and then place a magnifying glass over which traits are holding people back. To expand your understanding of a few common types, we […]

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Lessons from Improv Comedy That Will Change the Way You Work


Improv and the workplace may seem like archenemies. But inside every zany performance, there are some serious life lessons that will reframe how you think about thinking itself. In improv, there is no preparation allowed — everyone is keyed up to perform on the spot. And that mindset “makes you happy in a way that a […]

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The Top Qualities You’ll Find in Life-Changing Mentors


Western philosophy as we know it came from one radical mentor mindmeld. Socrates mentored Plato, who went on to mentor Aristotle. These three greats not only had one of the most powerful mentorships ever, but their cumulative effect on each other changed the course of history. Since then, mentoring has given rise to even more […]

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