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Jessica leads the People team at Gusto, which focuses on creating a thoughtful employee experience that empowers Gusties to do the best work of their lives. Follow Jessica on Twitter and LinkedIn.

How 6 Parents Are Navigating Their Way Through Startup Life


The sun is rising and Cash, Eli, Julia, Olivia, Keller, and Maya are zipping around their rooms, getting ready for the day. They have a jam-packed schedule ahead of them, and each one is raring to go. Except this group of go-getters isn’t heading to the office — they’re watching their parents go off instead. Intensity […]

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Neither Entitled Nor Titled: Why We Have No Titles at Gusto


Words mean a lot at Gusto. Lobby signs, hashtags, values — thoughtful language creates a dialogue that helps us magnify the things we believe in. But right now, it’s the absence of words that’s shaping our culture. Last summer when we were hiring at a particularly fast pace, a long list of labels arose for […]

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