Does my company need an employee handbook?

While there are no laws that say companies are required to have employee handbooks, HR experts agree that it’s a best practice to have one in your toolkit regardless of your company size. While the larger your company, the more likely you are to have a handbook, it’s a good idea to get one as soon as you have at least one employee.

Why your business needs an employee handbook
As an employer, you need to share the expectations you have for your team, along with their rights and responsibilities when it comes to things like overtime, PTO, and other essential workplace policies. It’s also where you set out your values, long-term mission, and the story of your company. Basically, it’s a repository of everything you say non-stop to the people you work with. That’s why it makes sense to package all of those things into a single document like the handbook. Plus, if an employee ever tries to bring you to court, a compliant, updated handbook will be your saving grace.

Need help creating an employee handbook? This guide will walk you through each step of the journey.

This article provides general information and shouldn’t be construed as legal or HR advice. Since employment laws may change over time and can vary by location and industry, please consult a lawyer or HR expert for advice specific to your business.