Health Insurance

What is Healthy SF?

Healthy SF is a program in San Francisco that is designed to subsidize health coverage for uninsured residents. One source of funding for the program is business’ that do not provide health coverage for their employees. This funding is obtained via the Health Care Security Ordinance.

There are many regulations laid out with this ordinance, but the key points for small businesses are that companies with 20-99 employees have to pay a certain amount towards health insurance for their covered employees. If your business does not offer health insurance, one way to comply with this ordinance is called the “City Option,” which refers to enrolling your employees in Healthy SF and contributing towards the coverage. Learn more about these regulations here.

This article provides general information and shouldn’t be construed as legal, benefits, or HR advice. Benefits and insurance regulations may change over time and may vary by location and employer size. So, please consult a licensed broker or appropriately certified expert for advice specific to your business’s benefits options.