Employee Basics

How do I recognize an employee for a job well done?

Is your team doing a stellar job? First of all, congrats! That means you’ve managed to hire and inspire a talented team. Now it’s time to recognize them for their hard work, so here are some ideas to get you started:

Health and happiness

When your team spends long hours on deadline, acknowledge that sacrifice with a small gift that improves their health and happiness, like a coffee gift card or fitness tracker.

Reinvent back to school

Employees worthy of recognition want to keep learning on the job. Send them to training classes or conferences. There also are online outlets such as CreativeLive or Udemy.

Make recognition a team effort

Creating your own team “mascot” — perhaps a stuffed animal, action figure, or special mug. Give it to the person on the team who had the best week, or the person who needs a boost. Ask your team to customize it as it’s passed around and put your own twist on this tradition.

Social media shoutout

With the employee’s approval, post praise to your LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter page. If appropriate, add a photo of the employee, perhaps with a sign that proclaims his or her big achievement. The employee can then share the recognition with his colleagues and friends.

Celebrate thinkers

The employees whose great ideas sail to success tend to get all the recognition — but what about the people whose hard-working ideas flopped? These risk-takers are creative enough to test concepts that may one day put your company in high-growth mode, so show them a little love too.

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