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How Do I Plan an Inclusive Office Event?

As you’re planning your office event, one of the most important things to think about is how to make it inclusive. You want to make sure you plan something that works for your whole team to maximize attendance and maximize the fun.

Here are some tips to remember:

  • Make sure people of all abilities can do the activities. Don’t plan a 5K if your team isn’t too into running, and don’t go bowling if someone has a broken wrist. Make sure there are activity options for everyone.
  • Plan a time so that people can coordinate with childcare. Having an event from 7am to 7pm may sound like the most fun you can have, but if people on your team are trying to coordinate childcare, this may present an issue. When in doubt, plan something during your regular work hours, or make it family-friendly so your team can bring along their crew.
  • Don’t make anything too gender-specific. While the one man on your team may be okay getting a mani/pedi with the rest of the women, it’s worth making sure that everyone is comfortable with your activity.

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