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How Do I Improve Productivity in an Open Office?

An open office has a lot of perks—camaraderie between team members and a more efficient use of space, just to name a few. But it can have some downsides too, like distraction from noise and interruptions from team members.

So what are some ways to make sure productivity stays high in your open office? Try the tips below to help your team be productive in your beautiful open office.

  • Provide noise cancelling headphones. This can be a great option for team members who are distracted by ambient noise.
  • Break out spaces. Give people a space to get away and take a private call, or work on something that needs extra focus.
  • Have teams hold “office hours.” This dedicated time to ask questions can mitigate the amount of one-off interruptions they get as people swing by their desks during the work day.

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