Employee Basics

How do I help my employees bond?

1. Volunteer

Not sure where to start? Your employees are a great resource. Ask them if any organizations they’re affiliated with — schools, libraries, homeless shelters, etc. — need a hand.

2. Get active

Physical activity releases endorphins, combats stress, and boosts happiness for most people. Organize a day to play kickball, softball, or another light team activity. Or simply coordinate a time people can go for a walk or run after work.

3. Mental challenges

Mental challenges can be just as satisfying as physical ones. A scavenger hunt or escape room can bring everyone together while exercising their brains.

4. Get creative

Give employees an opportunity to share their creative sides. Painting, cooking, or building something are great ways to spur collaboration and competition.

5. Field trips

Getting out of the office is a great way to reward your employees while strengthening relationships and building bonds. Take a day trip to a sporting event or concert, or plan a retreat.

6. Problem solving

Challenging employees to solve a problem is a great way to mobilize them, give them a chance to work with people they don’t normally interact with, and provide newer members with strategy experience.

7. Icebreakers

It may be a little cheesy, but when employees share more about themselves, they are likely to have a stronger connection and better understand their teammates. Slip a few icebreakers in before your next team meeting and watch as the tension melts away.

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