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ZenPayroll Is Now Gusto, On a Mission to Help Companies Put People First

Launches health benefits and workers’ compensation that are fully integrated with payroll

SAN FRANCISCO (Sept 17, 2015)ZenPayroll announced today that it has launched health benefits and workers’ compensation that are fully integrated with payroll, enabling employers and employees to use one, unified service. This expansion coincides with a name change to Gusto. The new name was inspired by the energy that business owners have when they build something they care about, and the passion that everyone has when they do work they believe in.

“I’ve never agreed with the term ‘Human Resources’ because humans are not resources -- they are the most important part of every business. Gusto helps employers care for their teams and helps employees feel appreciated for what they do,” said Josh Reeves, CEO and co-founder of Gusto. “We’ve transformed traditionally impersonal tools for employee onboarding, payroll, and health insurance into a service that connects companies with their teams in a more human way.”

Payroll is one of many forms of compensation. Health insurance and workers’ compensation are additional types, and they can be painful and complicated for both employers and employees. With Gusto, benefits and workers’ compensation come with all the automation, ease-of-use, and expert service that customers have loved and come to expect. Gusto’s new offerings are fully integrated with payroll, thanks to employee data already being centralized. This enables seamless enrollment, accurate benefit deductions, and automatic compliance. Employees have their own dashboards where they can access and manage both their payroll and benefits information.

For the first time through Gusto, employers can:
  • Experience fast, automated enrollment in benefits and workers’ compensation, with no need to manually collect census data.
  • Ensure that employee information and payroll deductions are accurate by using one system for payroll, benefits and workers’ compensation.
  • Easily find the right healthcare plan for their team, with access to a large selection of plans and expert advice from licensed brokers.
  • Have peace of mind that their benefits are compliant with the Affordable Care Act and HIPAA regulations.
  • Enjoy pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation that automatically calculates and pays premiums based on payroll data.
  • Avoid audits due to pre-paying and miscalculating workers’ compensation fees.

With Gusto, employees can easily:
  • Learn about their benefits, enroll or make changes to their health plans, through their personal Gusto accounts.
  • Contact Gusto’s dedicated care team with their benefits-related questions.
  • Access their paystub and plan data in one place.

“For many people today, health insurance is a burden or a hassle. It doesn’t have to be that way,” said Reeves. “Health insurance is what makes it possible to take care of you and your family. We are automating all of the complex enrollment and administration, so that a business owner can offer this important service to their employees, without any headache.”

With a Net Promoter score of above 75, Gusto is already trusted by tens of thousands of customers nationwide. Business owners have been clamoring for benefits; according to a survey that Gusto conducted last year, 86 percent of the customers surveyed were interested in a health insurance offering provided by the company. At launch, Gusto’s workers’ compensation will be available to customers nationwide, and Gusto’s health benefits will start with availability to customers in California, then roll out to more states over the coming months.

“Benefits with Gusto helped me offer big company benefits to my employees without big company costs,” said Tom Sheahan, founder and CEO of Red Oxygen, an enterprise text messaging company that was part of Gusto’s benefits pilot program. “We already used them for our payroll so I knew we could expect the same affordable, easy-to-use software and great customer support. Combined with payroll, their benefits offering took administration down to a minimum, with everything in one location. Now I don’t have to become an HR or compliance expert to take care of my employees, and I don't have to go into debt to do the right thing. Gusto makes it easy and affordable to take care of my team.”

About Gusto

Gusto is on a mission to bring life to work by reimagining payroll, benefits, and HR. Gusto serves over 60,000 companies nationwide and makes the most complicated, impersonal business tasks simple and delightful. Gusto has offices in San Francisco and Denver and its investors include Google Capital, General Catalyst, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and the founders of Instagram, Stripe, Nest, PayPal, Yelp, Dropbox, and Eventbrite, among others.