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ZenPayroll Processing Over $100 Million in Payroll

Nationwide expansion continues to Texas, Florida, Washington, New York and Illinois

SAN FRANCISCO (August 29, 2013)ZenPayroll, Inc., today announced several major milestones, including record customer growth and continued nationwide expansion of its modern cloud-based payroll service to Texas, Florida, and Washington. New York and Illinois will also be available in the next few weeks.

Every state has different payroll tax and filing requirements. ZenPayroll saves employers time by automating all payroll tax calculations and payments, providing direct deposit, and electronically filing federal, state and local payroll reports. The service takes mere minutes to set up, requires no training to use and payroll can be completed with just a few clicks from any connected device.

After launching less than nine months ago in December 2012, ZenPayroll is now processing over $100 million in payroll per year and serves businesses in a wide range of industries, from technology startups to flower shops, bakeries, hotels, dentist offices, and more.

“The spectacular growth we've experienced reaffirms our mission to help small businesses replace overly complex and unnecessarily expensive payroll processes with modern, easier to use, cloud-based software,” said Joshua Reeves, CEO, ZenPayroll. “We've seen tremendous demand across the country from scores of small businesses owners and we're excited to be expanding. We won't stop until we can help all businesses, everywhere.”

Here is what ZenPayroll customers have to say:

Startup incubator

“We switched to ZenPayroll from Paychex and haven't looked back since! Online access to reports, easier employee on-boarding, and not having to phone in payroll information with a payroll specialist are a few of the many reasons I recommend ZenPayroll to all of the startups I work with,” said Kirsty Nathoo, Partner and CFO at Y Combinator.

An event rental business for outdoor weddings

“I've been running payroll manually and writing checks for the past few months, but my business has really taken off and it's been overwhelming,” said Mike Goldstein, owner of Seattle Farm Tables, an event rental business for rustic, outdoor weddings. “I started looking for modern tools to help me offload most of the work. I knew there was a new way of doing things in the cloud that could help me be more efficient and ZenPayroll was the perfect choice.”

A florist

“Manual payroll required me to print out and store all of my documents, create long lists of tasks and calculate taxes myself — it was way too easy to forget things. It also took up a lot of my time every two weeks,” said Christina Stembel, owner of Farmgirl Flowers. “With ZenPayroll, I was up and running in minutes. I just click on a link, follow a few steps and voilà - payroll is done. Now I can simply focus on creating beautiful flowers for our clients and not worry about the back office minutiae. ZenPayroll just works!”

An auto service and repair shop

“Using ADP and Intuit was such a struggle so I switched to ZenPayroll,” said Robert Sek, owner of Luxury Auto Works, an Austin-based luxury automotive service and repair facility. “Migrating to ZenPayroll was unbelievably painless because their beautifully designed software makes the whole payroll process clear and easy.”

A web and mobile gaming company

“I was an ADP customer, but after five years of frustration I switched to ZenPayroll and it has changed everything,” said Daniel McNeely, owner of Armor Games, a web and mobile game company in Irvine, California. “ZenPayroll works flawlessly on the web and any mobile device. From one small business owner to another, do yourself a favor and check out ZenPayroll.”

A modern accounting and bookkeeping business

“My bookkeeping business is growing rapidly and I owe part of that success to ZenPayroll. My customers love the simple, intuitive interface. They also love the price,” said Blake Oliver, owner of Cloudsourced Accounting. “I can serve more clients and keep costs down because I'm using modern tools like ZenPayroll to power my business.”

Recent ZenPayroll updates

Earlier this year ZenPayroll announced support for contractor payments so businesses can pay their entire workforce with the same intuitive payroll system. ZenPayroll also offers a free dashboard for independent accountants and bookkeepers that allows them to manage the payroll needs of multiple companies from a single screen and collaborate with their clients.

ZenPayroll is on a mission to provide delightful payroll to businesses everywhere, and is adding new states on a regular basis. New York and Illinois will be available in the next few weeks. Sign up at zenpayroll.com.

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