Partner FAQs

Why Partner With Gusto?

Why should I integrate Gusto with our platform?

1. Generate revenue

Gusto revenue share can drive meaningful economic results for our partners. SMB platforms geared toward business operations are in a good position to upsell payroll and HR, which are essential for all small business owners, whether they are paying themselves or their team.

2. Acquire new customers

Small businesses want to get everything in one place. As the operational hub, your platform should offer deeply embedded payroll and HR capabilities. Within the next 12 months, most SMB platforms will offer a payroll and HR solution—see what Toast, Square, and Intuit have been doing. Making a move now will allow you to build a competitive offering. 

3. Retain current customers

Your customers want a great solution that integrates with leading platforms like Gusto. Helping your SMBs find a great payroll and HR partner and integrating with that solution will help you keep them thriving for the long haul. Gusto offers a better customer experience through less manual processes, and strengthens the stickiness of your product by connecting mission critical platforms.

When is your support team available? How can customers contact you?

We refer to our U.S-based Gusto Support Team as our Customer Experience team or “CX”. CX is available Monday through Friday between 7am PT and 5pm PT via email and phone.

  • Phone: For all Support related phone calls we have an SLA of 80% of calls answered within 3 minutes
  • Email: For our general support for Core & Complete plans and those customers administering benefits, we have an SLA of emails answered within 24 business hours. For our VIP support for Concierge plans, we have an SLA of emails answered within 4 business hours.

What kind of support will our customers receive if/when they have trouble with the integration?

Gusto is proud of our high NPS score of 75+ buoyed by our world class sales and support team. We take the customer experience very seriously and strive to provide high quality integrations that are intuitive and easy to use. We require all integrations to meet these standards. 

We also understand that customers will inevitably still have questions and we provide our Sales and CX teams resources on every integration launched to ensure Gusto is equipped to provide basic support. By the time the integration is live, both the Gusto website and your website should have published content on the integration, including a video of the user’s experience that the customer can reference. Both support teams should be able to assist customers if/when a mutual customer reaches out about the integration. Gusto is committed to helping with basic setup and troubleshooting, but if any issues arise that are more technical, we will direct the customer to your team and expect your support teams to be ready to help.

We are committed to providing our customers an excellent service – with the Gusto product itself and integrations. If the customer runs into issues, we expect both the Gusto team and our Partner’s team to be able to provide excellent support through to resolution. Please be aware that if our customers consistently run into issues or cannot receive the support they need to effectively use the integration, we will re-evaluate the integration and require additional information or functionality to be changed/added.

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