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Company Provisioning (creating a new Gusto account via the API)

What is company provisioning?

The ability to create a new Gusto company via the API. Documentation here. OAuth is not required for this. It is done using the API Token provided when you receive your API Keys from Gusto.

Why do I have to build company provisioning?

3 key reasons:

  1. Best Customer Experience: Introduce Gusto and create a new account in just a few clicks to create a seamless experience and expedited onboarding. Creating a company via company provisioning requires minimal effort from the customer and a welcome email will be sent to them prompting them to complete setup.
  2. Easiest Tracking: Allows Gusto to accurately track new customers for future GTM efforts and engage in potential revenue share agreements for each Gusto company created. Revenue opportunities are maximized by this seamless experience.
  3. Minimal Effort: All pieces available via Gusto API and typically only takes a few days to build. The minimum payload requires the user’s first and last name, email address, phone number, and company name. The provision API call creates a new company with a new user set as the primary admin in Gusto and sends this user a welcome email to complete onboarding.

What APIs should I use in company provisioning?

We have an API specifically for company provisioning. This is the only API you need to use to create companies through the integration.

How long does it take to build company provisioning?

Company provisioning is a relatively low level of effort and all required pieces are available through our api. We typically see partners build this feature in 2-3 business days. OAuth is not required for this. Instead, Gusto will provide partners with an API token and will permit partners to use API Token Authentication instead of OAuth to provision Gusto accounts. The API token is included in the authorization HTTP header.

Why am I not receiving the confirmation email after creating a company in demo?

Gusto intentionally limits external-facing emails from our demo environment so you will not receive a confirmation email once an account is created in demo. To confirm the account was successfully created, you should receive a 200 OK success message in response to the request.Once a user clicks on the email confirmation, they’ll be directed to a page to set their password which will then log them into Gusto to complete set up. This video demonstrates the experience and onboarding form (through Zipbooks): Company Provisioning example.

Where do your partners usually place the company provisioning feature?

We recommend Partners feature Gusto as Partner’s preferred payroll and HR partner via a prominent discovery mechanism in your application, for example on the payroll tab or on the main dashboard. Along with the company provisioning feature, we recommend including an overview of what Gusto does and that customers who sign up through your platform receive 3 months free.

What are some resources and examples of how partners have built company provisioning and designed company provisioning?

Our documentation on company provisioning is available at and we’ve also built this resource that includes a more in depth walkthrough and video examples.

What is the API token that’s required to create companies through the API?

Due to the nature of this endpoint, Gusto will provide partners with an API token and will permit partners to use API Token Authentication instead of OAuth to provision Gusto accounts. The API token is included in the authorization HTTP header with the Token scheme, e.g.:

  • Content-Type: application/json
  • Authorization: Token bbb286ff1a4fe6b84742b0d49b8d0d65bd0208d27d3d50333591df71

After the Gusto account is created, does the user receive an email from gusto to complete the setup?

Once a user signs up for Gusto via the api they will receive an email almost immediately from Gusto. If a phone number is provided during the account creation and they’ve created the account within business hours, they will likely get a call within 10-20 minutes of account creation.

The email sent to new customers is an email that goes to all customers when they first create their Gusto account. Our sales and marketing teams do a lot of testing on these types of messaging to ensure that they are successful. Customers always have the option to continue onboarding on their own.

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